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Embark on the ultimate action journey of Robot fighting as you build an epic roster of powerful, battle hungry and larger than life robots! Enter the arena of touch based 3v3 combat with ULTIMATE ROBOT FIGHTING a free-to-play card collectible game.
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Ultimate Robot Fighting is an action-adventure game with a unique role-playing element that provides players with an unforgettable experience.

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This game is a continuation of the popular action franchise that will transport us to the near future, a future in which all violent sports are prohibited and people are forced to use mechanized fighters in the arenas. In this section, the developers decided to depart from the usual mechanics and add to the card game’s usual fight elements, as well as the ability to conduct fights in 3 on 3. A little more transformation and graphics, as well as more spectacular animation, will make the fights even more spectacular.

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The game has an intriguing storyline about humans and robots competing. To fight the enemy army, you will transform into cool robots with modern weapons and unique abilities. Before entering the arena, you must collect your own deck of cards in order to give the robot unique characteristics and use it to its full potential in order to win great prizes and opportunities. In the game, you will be one of three very cool robots, with tonnes of advanced weapons and awesome skills, and you will fight AI robots or other players in 3v3 battles.

Do you have an interest in robots? Are you intrigued by the idea of the massive giants fighting each other in their ultimate battles? Prepare to unleash your ultimate metal smashing attacks on your enemies and dive into the awesome in-game actions in this latest title, Ultimate Robot Fighting (MOD Unlimited money), in which you’ll be able to demonstrate your abilities in the world robot fights.

Game Overview:

Ultimate Robot Fighting MOD1

With real fights between men no longer being as appealing and interesting to crowds, they now necessitate a more brutal, yet devastating, fighting gameplay in which you can control massive robots. Here, AI had so long dominated human players that no one dared to challenge them. And you will be the first human champion in Ultimate Robot Fighting, breaking that record. Feel free to engage in all-out robot battles where metals will meet metals and steel will break steel.

Ultimate Robot Fighting MOD2

The scene depicts a famous and arrogant AI scientist becoming enraged because he is being challenged by humans (represented by scientist Louie Cipher). In turn, he will send his robot warriors into battle to demonstrate the steel heroes’ unrivaled strength. When you complete the fight and win the battle, you will meet the sexy assistant Cassy to receive Gold and rewards, which can be used to purchase new robots or weapons if the existing robots are unable to fight the new enemy.

Ultimate Robot Fighting MOD3

Enjoy the interactive and in-depth gameplay in which you can collect a variety of different machines. Train and improve their abilities so that you can fight more effectively against your opponents. Simultaneously, enjoy the enjoyable combats with smooth controls and interactions. Attack your opponents with a variety of unique attacks. Fights in various game modes, compete in various tournaments, and more

Ultimate Robot Fighting MOD4

Features of Ultimate Robot Fighting MOD APK:

A Thrilling Journey With Numerous Quests to Complete

To begin, Android gamers in Ultimate Robot Fighting will take on the role of a robot fighting champion. Here, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the fantastic in-game stories, as well as progress through exciting challenges and gameplay.

Dive into thrilling battles against a wide range of opponents, from simple fighters to more advanced foes with epic abilities. Fight your opponents in a variety of locations, each with its own distinct setups and environments.

Most importantly, have fun with the game’s various quests and in-game challenges. Take on your enemies in escalating battles, defeat them in epic battles, and progress through multiple stories with a variety of enemies.

Enjoyable Combats With Intuitive Controls and Epic Setups

For those who are interested, the game also features realistic and enjoyable combats that you will undoubtedly enjoy. Use the intuitive touch controls to move your robot fighters effectively and unleash special and devastating attacks with just a few interesting moves and gesture controls. Power up quickly and unleash your special attacks on the enemies. Enjoy thrilling gameplay in epic battles and in-game challenges. Feel free to perform incredible combos while dealing with the enemies.

Several Robots With Varying Skills and Abilities

To make the game more interesting, Ultimate Robot Fighting players will have access to a large robot collection with multiple fighters, each with their own unique traits and abilities.

Feel free to play as one of the more than 45 available robots, each with its own set of unique powers and abilities. Fight as gods, gladiators, monks, samurais, ninjas, kung fu masters, and other characters. Each robot will have its own distinct fighting style, making things even more interesting and enjoyable. As you progress, unlock new powers and abilities for your robots to earn even more powerful abilities.

Equipment and Upgrade

You can help the robots become stronger by improving them or assembling variant parts to unlock their power. Alternatively, you can shuffle the battle formation to gain the greatest advantage in winning. You can also use cards and overclock to increase the destructive power of the characters.

Speaking of which, the game allows Android gamers to fully immerse themselves in their exciting in-game experiences with many interesting upgrades and synergies for your robot collection, in addition to the massive robot collection. Choose the best and create your ultimate roster of epic fighters, each with its own ultimate upgrades and synergies with others. With the game’s many available features, you can power up and optimize your team.

Several Buffs to Help You Power Up Your Robots as You Go

Furthermore, for those of you who are interested, Ultimate Robot Fighting allows gamers to fully immerse themselves in the exciting in-game features, allowing you to fully power up your robots. Have fun with multiple power cards and maximize the performance of your robots. Increase your damage output, armor, skill cool down, and other stats. Unlock and unleash your heroes’ true steel power.

Complete Fun in-game Achievements and Objectives.

To make things even more interesting, Ultimate Robot Fighting players will have access to exciting in-game achievements and objectives. Have fun introducing Android gamers to the exciting gameplay and earning awesome rewards as you progress.

Make a Premium Team

To win our major battles, you must devise the ideal strategy for getting the most out of your opponents. Make your army the best it can be by selecting 45 mighty warriors who are all inspired by heroic gods. It is not enough to defeat all of the most powerful enemies; you must also assemble and transform robots. Make them the ultimate version to gain access to power-ups. Ascend to the top of the battles and learn the fighting techniques of Ultimate Robot Fighting.

Electrical Equipment and Much More

In Ultimate Robot Fighting, you must pay attention to your warriors; in order for your robot to have the most extraordinary abilities and speed, players must load with power cards and overclock. Equip as many weapons as you can, increase damage, and pay close attention to your character’s armor. Furthermore, you must upgrade the character on a regular basis and control the steel strength of the participating character.


Right away, you’ll notice that Ultimate Robot Fighting is among the best games you’ve played on your Android device in terms of graphical quality. Here, you’ll be able to explore and enjoy the awesome gameplay with stunning visuals and images.

Dive into epic battles between giants while assisting your robots in unleashing powerful and satisfying attacks. Enjoy the incredible visuals in Ultimate Robot Fighting while immersing yourself in the battles. The epic graphics rival the likes of Real Boxing, World Robot Boxing 2, and many other mobile fighting games.


In addition to the powerful visuals, gamers in Ultimate Robot Fighting will be completely engrossed in the amazing gameplay, which includes awesome actions, incredible fights, and powerful audio to top it all off. That being said, the incredible sound effects will keep you engrossed in the fights, and the fantastic soundtracks will allow you to play the game for hours on end.

Power Enhancement

Each battle will grant your robot a certain amount of experience. When this level of expertise meets the requirements, it will be promoted immediately. Your basic stats will improve significantly as you level up. It can boost the percentage of damage, defense, or special effects. The object can not only unlock other special attacks. So practice a lot so that the robot can reach its full potential. Furthermore, you can obtain badges for your robot. From there, your war machine will become superior and will quickly finish off your enemies.

Exciting 3v3 Battle

The system will calculate when you search for an opponent in online mode. Find a worthy opponent on the server to take to a random arena. You can select three gladiators for your team here. Gladiators can emerge one by one and fight to the death. If one person is defeated, the next person will take over immediately. Continue until one side is wiped out and the other side wins. The more victories you have, the more points you earn. Can be near the top of the list of elite gladiators. You can succeed if you keep trying.

Many Great Game Modes

We will have other options for you besides multi-player combat. For example, in the mission mode, you must defeat various opponents. In a large city, they will divide and dominate certain areas. You will progress through each area, defeating the bosses and minions as you go. In exhibition mode, you will command a robot tasked with combating the enemy. In challenge mode, you will defeat opponents ranging from simple to difficult until the gladiator can no longer resist. Each method has advantages, and you can practice a lot to master them all.

Discover the best that Ultimate Robot Fighting mod has to offer for yourself. Immerse yourself in intense battles and collect your favorite warriors.

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MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Money

Player Reviews:

Thomas Willey

This is a fantastic game. I recommend that you download it. However, there has recently been a bug that prevents the game from loading. I’m not able to play it. I uninstalled the game and lost all of my progress. Please correct this. Otherwise, it’s a fantastic game.

Tim Parley

This game is both entertaining and addictive! You can quickly advance by completing your daily event missions, which take about 15 minutes per day, making this a very enjoyable and approachable game. However, the new update has introduced new major internet connection issues, and when you play, it constantly logs you out for ‘unstable connection’ every 5/10 minutes or so. I hope someone reads my review and works hard to resolve this issue as soon as possible! Maintain your excellent work.

How to Install Ultimate Robot Fighting MOD APK on Android?

Allow Unknown Sources

  • If you have any previous app or version installed on your device, uninstall/delete it first. Then, go to settings, click on security, and click on Enable The Unknown Sources (just in case the installation doesn’t start).

Now to install MOD APK on your device, simply follow the steps given below.

  1. Download Ultimate Robot Fighting MOD APK from the download link given above.
  2. Wait for the download to complete, after that open it.
  3. Follow all the instructions, and you’re ready to enjoy the amazing app with extra features.

How to Install Ultimate Robot Fighting MOD APK on PC?

It’s very easy to play the game on your PC. There are a lot of android emulators in the market which you can use to play this app on your PC.


  1. First of all, download the Bluestacks android emulator on your PC.
  2. Download the MOD APK from the download button given above.
  3. Open the MOD APK with your android emulator (Bluestacks), and install the app.
  4. Follow all the instructions given in the app and you’re ready to enjoy the amazing features of this app.


We have covered every detail of Ultimate Robot Fighting MOD APK. Also, we are providing you with the app’s mod version. With this mod, you will have access to all of the app’s premium features for free. Get all of your gear unlocked and enjoy an amazing experience. If you require any additional help from us, face any difficulties during the installation process, or have any important questions, please provide us with detailed feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ultimate Robot Fighting MOD APK:

Q1: In Ultimate Robot Fighting, how many fighters can you get?

Make your army the best it can be by selecting from a full roster of 45 great warriors, all of them are inspired by heroic gods. You must also assemble and alter robots in order to battle all of the most powerful opponents.

Q2: How do you get money in Ultimate Robot Fighting?

You can get Unlimited Mone in Ultimate Robot Fighting by simply downloading our MOD APK from Apkways.com.

Q3: How to get into the battle in the Ultimate Robot Fighting?

Players will need to band together as mono more powerful robotic organisms and enter the arena against a slew of rivals in the process of passing.

What's new


With the new update here, get ready for plenty of fantastic fun coming this season bringing in the opportunity to claim awesome steel warriors on your roster.

Get ready for amazing events as your thumbs twiddle for crazy action. Bug Fixes and Optimizations were done in the game for a smoother, effortless, and flawless gameplay experience. So, get your ultimate war-machine, don your most garish jumper, and dive into the fun...


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