Merge Plants Aliens Defense

Merge Plants Aliens Defense APK v0.1.7

Updated On 09/15/2022 12:34 PM

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Name Merge Plants Aliens Defense
Package Name
Publisher ONESOFT
Category Tower Defense
MOD Features Unlimited Gold & Diamonds
Version 0.1.7
Size 78M
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4

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Your beautiful planet is attacked by mysterious Aliens. All plants and animals will unite to defend our lands. Download Merge Plants Aliens Defense Apk and save the planet.

Referring to the defense strategy game genre, you probably already know Plants vs Zombies. This is the popular game franchise of ELECTRONIC ARTS for many years. Recently, a new game has just been released with gameplay quite similar to Plants vs Zombies, equally interesting. That is the game Merge Plants: Aliens Defense MOD APK.

About Merge Plants: Alien Defense

Merge Plants: Aliens Defense is published by ONESOFT. This is also a pretty famous games developer. We have introduced many of their products such as Firecraft: 3D Pixel World, Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack,… And Merge Plants: Aliens Defense is ONESOFT’s latest game project, which has just been released recently.  And we will still provide the Merge Plants: Aliens Defense MOD APK version for you.

 Merge Plants Aliens Defense Apk


The game will take you to a place called Vagant Planet. This place is under attack by aliens. They are very aggressive and want to destroy everything on this beautiful planet. The plants that grow on this planet bravely stood up to protect the peaceful land. They turn into powerful soldiers capable of destroying destructive aliens. Your mission is to help them protect their planet.


Your task in this game is to use the trees to fight the aliens. The gameplay is inspired by Plants vs. Zombies introduced at the beginning. But what's different about Merge Plants: Alien Defense is that you'll be playing on a vertical screen. And your defending army only has 5 lanes, not as many as in PvZ. And there are only 3 rows in each strip. The game will split each level so you can win. Of course, the difficulty of the game will increase to challenge your skills.

Merge Plants Aliens Defense gioi thieu

Build a strong defensive army

To be able to build the most elite army, you must combine crops together. The more you combine, the more powerful soldiers you create. Since the enemies will also become more numerous and stronger, you need to constantly integrate your troops.

Each time the plants fuse, they create a powerful soldier with a whole new set of skills. Also, this soldier will have a new look that will look cooler than the old one.

This is a dynamic game, you can't lose concentration while playing. You must be ready for any enemy attack. If you let your guard down, aliens will constantly attack your base. We were attacked not only by soldiers but also by a giant BOSS. They are very strong and aggressive. You need to choose the strongest soldiers to fight them.

Cartoon graphics

The graphics are also a big plus for Merge Plants: Alien Defense. It is made in a cartoon style with very high-quality 3D graphics. The main color of the game is dark, but the characters in this game are very attractive with bright colors. In addition, amazing lighting effects will bring you a very vivid experience.

MOD APK Version Merge Plants: Alien Defense

Mod Features

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Diamonds

The game will have two currencies: gold coins and diamonds. But with this version of Merge Plants: Aliens Defense, you will have a lot of gold coins and diamonds. With this money, you can strengthen your defensive army.

Download Merge Plants: Aliens Defense MOD APK For Android

Merge Plants: Aliens Defense takes inspiration from familiar defense gameplay combined with a new visual style and a host of new features. Due to this, many gamers have shown great interest in this game. In just one day of launch, the game was downloaded tens of thousands of times. How are you?