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Let’s Survive APK + MOD (Free Craft) v1.1.4

Updated On 09/26/2022 12:37 PM

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Name Let’s Survive
Package Name lets.survive.apocalypse.survival
Category Survival
MOD Features Free Craft
Version 1.1.4
Size 120M
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.1
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Let’s Survive MOD APK is a zombie-themed survival battle simulation game from the publisher CRESTONE LTD. The developer has provided many activities and character images that create endless battles. Read on to better understand this diversity.

Introduction to Let's survive Apk

A zombie-themed fighting game with good structure, good balance, and lots of variety of action is waiting for you!

What's so special about Let's Survive?

Let's Survive is an offline fighting game. You can play it without the internet. Compared to other super games, the graphics in Let's Survive feel a bit "simple and popular". But every movement is amazingly smooth and natural. The game is light and casual, but it shows the sophistication and high commitment of the developer very well, making it one of the rare offline zombie shooters with deep depth and unique charm. For me, this game is completely different from previous zombie first-person shooters.


After playing Let's Survive for 3 days, my biggest question was: “Why do so few people know this game? Why is this game not appreciated? Let's Survive is not only a game where every detail is carefully thought out but also a place where you can collect a series of different activities that are always new, always different, and extremely difficult for each player.

You will shoot, you will have to provide survival clues, build a shelter that is also a military base for training soldiers, collect items, create items, cook and deliver food... Easy and important decisions.

Do your best to survive as long as possible.

When you're alone fighting a bunch of zombies, you have to stick to your basic principle. Do not get lost - this is the first criterion for saving your time and effort during the game. Find resources and items and create various weapons. Upgrade your shelter and stop the attacks of bloodthirsty zombies.

At the same time, don't forget about survival balance in this game. Monitor the patient's health level, thirst, appetite, and illness to make the final decisions whenever questions arise.

Survival after a disaster is a rarity all over the world. Let's Survive takes the difficulty of the game to the next level. To gain strength and power during combat, you will need to constantly search for items and use rare items and resources. Always remember to check your survival stats (such as hunger, thirst, health, and radiation levels). Don't let your character reach the dangerous level of one of the stats above. Otherwise, you will not be able to fight the zombies, you will become weaker and weaker and eventually fail.

Create and build shelters

Fighting is not enough. There will be times when you get tired. In this world full of zombies, you must have your own base with strong walls and have a lot of equipment, armor, and melee, and ranged weapons to survive for a long time. The war is still too long.

The tireless search for items and resources by the character will bring many useful items to the inventory. With these items, you will build your base, shelter, barriers, and fences, as well as craft new weapons and equipment. One of the strengths of Let's Survive is crafting and building. Everything is very detailed and thorough, which takes a lot of time.

This makes Let's Survive different from other zombie games. If you don't devote enough time to these things, how can you find a safe place to recharge, prepare nutritious food, rest, and prepare for the long battle ahead?

Other survivors

Following the story, you will complete many quests and find countless valuable resources. There are quite difficult tasks, such as determining how long you can stay in one place, but there are also easier tasks, such as finding along the way a home repair tool that you decide to stay at later.

Gradually, you realize that it seems that you are not the only one alive here. There are others. Do you support them and allow them to be your faithful companions? Or do you fight them for rare survival items?


Another interesting thing about this game is that you not only fight with weapons but also with the help of vehicles lying on the road. Cars, boats, and more will help you quickly get from one place to another. With their help, you can crush and knock out zombies in a city or forest. These driving screens aren't overwhelming, but they're enough to make another highlight of the game.

MOD APK version of Let's Survive

Mod feature

Free craft

Download Let’s Survive APK & MOD for Android

Not the best in content, and not brilliant in visuals or sound technology, but Let's Survive does a pretty good job with the gameplay. Especially in the combination of many forms and many actions in a reasonable rhythm. Fight, build, drive, collect items, craft weapons... you will find an incredibly fun gaming experience.