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Fouad WhatsApp APK v9.21

Updated On 09/09/2022 7:49 PM

App Info

Name Fouad WhatsApp
Publisher Fouad WhatsApp
Category Communication
MOD Features No
Version 9.21
Size 36M
Price FREE
Requires Android
WhatsApp Messenger 3WhatsApp Messenger 2WhatsApp Messenger

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Fouad WhatsApp APK is an upgraded version of WhatsApp Messenger with many new advanced features, especially important for privacy and security. If you want more settings, complete security, and privacy when using WhatsApp, then you should use Fawad WhatsApp.

Introduction to Fouad Whatsapp

Mod WhatsApp has a lot of security and privacy features for online messaging and calling.

What is Fouad Whatsapp?

Fouad WhatsApp is a Mod app from WhatsApp.

Fouad WhatsApp is voted by users as one of the best WhatsApp Mod apps today. The Fouad WhatsApp developer has been aiming to “protect WhatsApp users” from the very beginning. So they have invested heavily in research and development of the missing or underpowered areas of WhatsApp in the area of ​​Security and User Privacy.

This App is continuously updated and has a strong commitment from the developer. So in practical terms, when you install Fouad WhatsApp on your device, you can use it for a long time and never be afraid of falling behind.

The interface of Fouad WhatsApp is the same as the original WhatsApp.

Fouad WhatsApp is currently compatible with Android 5.0 and up and is known for its security improvements on its own compared to the original app.

To give users a friendly feeling, just like working on the original WhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp is designed with an interface similar to WhatsApp, from the color, font, and position of icons on the application, the difference is only the logo and some improved settings and features are added.

Additional additional features

When using Fouad WhatsApp, you can share larger files, change the main app icon, download high-resolution photos or videos, and send messages to up to 250 pre-selected contacts at the same time.

Doing so many things in one, but Fouad WhatsApp is only 52MB, which is quite impressive compared to other WhatsApp Mod apps.

Great privacy features

Not as flashy as many Mod WhatsApp apps that are more about interface and icon customization, but Fouad WhatsApp invests in depth. You will be pleased with its simplicity and effective privacy features.

Firstly, you will get a new unique feature that is only available in this application - "Anti-Wave Flinch". This is a brand new security feature that allows you to "view once" photos/videos an unlimited number of times. You no longer need to be frustrated when you receive these media files. Regardless of how the person on the other end organizes them, you can still view them as often as you like.

The second feature worth noting is “Freeze Last Seen” – which freezes the Last Seen status on message threads. On original WhatsApp, just by looking at the Last Seen line displayed at the bottom of the messages, you can instantly tell when a person is online. To avoid this annoyance, you can use the Free Last Seen feature of Fouad WhatsApp. It will freeze your Last Seen status at the time you choose. The person who is chatting will only see that status the way you want them to see it.

High-quality security

Fouad WhatsApp brings many additional features that look small at first glance, but in practice, they are very useful. Especially in the security of your information in the process of exchanging back and forth with many people. Some of the interesting features are listed below:

Fouad Whatsapp Features

  • Disable the Forward feature: This is one way for you to protect your information. When chatting on WhatsApp, every time you forward a message or file, it will immediately be tagged with “Forwarded”. This feature of Fouad WhatsApp will help you remove that tag and the content you have forwarded to save in case this tag will not be displayed and the other person on the phone will not know what you did with it.
  • Who can call me feature: with this feature, you will be able to decide who can call you. The default on WhatsApp is that as long as you are on the contact list, you will be able to call each other. But on Fouad WhatsApp, that’s not quite the case. With this feature option, you will divide your Contacts into different categories: My contacts, My contacts except, Select contacts, No contacts… When you select No contacts then you will not receive any calls again. This function is very convenient in case you want to be quiet or want to block some unwanted contacts.
  • Hide browsing status: When using this feature, you can view other people's statuses, but they don't know you're viewing them.
  • Anti-Delete Status and Anti-Delete Message: These two features of Fouad WhatsApp also help you to increase security. You can prevent others from deleting your status while communicating with you. But even if they try to delete the status, the pictures, videos, information, and messages are all still there.
  • Show a blue tick when replying: If you select this option, your contact will see a green tick after replying to a message. Conversely, on close, whether the response is complete or not, there is still no checkmark. This will prevent situations where the other party sees that you have sent a message or are in the process of creating one, thus showing whether you are currently online or not.

General App Security

Not only is security on each small individual feature during messaging, and calling via Fouad WhatsApp, but the app itself is also equipped with separate security. It has a password lock, which requires you to enter it correctly to open Fouad WhatsApp.

Password setting has many options that users can freely use: password setting, recovery questions, etc.

Although there is only one layer of this lock for the whole application, its security and protection are extremely high. This is also a feature I recommend you use first when activating Fouad WhatsApp on your device.

Wide selection of YoThemes

Not only strong in security and privacy protection, but Fouad WhatsApp also has a quite diverse Theme collection. Currently, the app has more than 50 different themes to use for free for everyone, included are a few flexible options:

  • Save YoTheme: This makes it easy to restore your current settings and theme settings, as well as phone storage later.
  • Restore YoTheme: This will help you to load the saved YoTheme to your phone storage thanks to the save function.
  • Reset Preferences: This feature should be used if you want to revert to the original default app theme.

Speaking of interface, Fouad WhatsApp also has a bunch of other features like:

  • Color: Allows you to change the color of small components such as the background, status bar, navigation bar, chat divider…
  • Style: font options, various emoticons, notification icons, launcher icons…
  • Hide Media from Gallery: You can use this feature when you have a problem with running out of storage space. If this setting is enabled, the app will not be able to save media sent back and forth during a chat.
  • Backup and restore: this allows Fouad WhatsApp to backup and restores data, providing Titanium Backup just like data backup. Also, you can delete chat backup with one tap.

Download Fouad WhatsApp Android APK file.

WhatsApp is not enough. If you want to be more protected and private than ever, you should use Fouad WhatsApp. It will protect you in a friendly environment, in the most effective and easy-to-use way.