FMWhatsApp APK v18.90.1

Updated On 09/12/2022 6:06 PM

App Info

Name FMWhatsApp
Publisher FMWhatsApp
Category Communication
MOD Features No
Version 18.90.1
Size 53M
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4

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FMwhatsapp APK is a mobile online messaging app similar to Whatsapp but with more noticeable features. It is more concerned about privacy and security with its additional features.

Introduction to FMwhatsapp

A mobile chat app similar to Whatsapp but with more benefits.

When it comes to mobile chat applications, everyone is familiar with names like WhatsApp, and Viber. If there is another application now with the same function but newer, it will be very difficult for users to know, try and use it for a long time. The race against the previous brothers will be much harder. But things may be different when this new application is built on a foundation familiar to the majority of users and has a series of new features and can solve some of the disadvantages inherent in the old platform. Are you willing to try new experiences?

Yes, FMwhatsapp is such a new app.

Similar to WhatsApp but with many new features

FMwhatsapp is created and published by, a potential new app provider. With the desire to give users a second option besides WhatsApp with the opportunity to experience more complete features, FMwhatsapp has constantly gone deep into solving problems that are considered shortcomings of WhatsApp and then turned them into advantages.

They can be called as follows:

  • FMwhatsapp allows status lengths up to 255 characters (while in WhatsApp it is 139 characters).
  • FMwhatsapp can share up to 100 files at the same time (WhatsApp allows 30 files).
  • FMwhatsapp allows users to send messages to groups of up to 500 people (in WhatsApp, it’s 250 people).
  • The total media size shared via FMwhatsapp is 50MB (in WhatsApp, it is 15MB).
  • FMwhatsapp also supports a series of features that WhatsApp does not, including hiding the last message, copying the status, sharing documents in Pdf, and Txt format, sending blank messages …

In addition, like any online messaging service, FMwhatsapp also offers many useful features for all users. They can be listed as follows:

  • Lots of emojis to download
  • Maximum security for chats
  • Show Blue Tick when replying.
  • Hide the green checkmark and mark it as viewed.
  • Hide the status view.
  • Start messaging with someone who doesn't have a contact number.
  • Hide input operations.
  • Create separate call lists
  • Keep track of deleted messages
  • Block calls even with countless calling or texting accounts.

Details about FMwhatsapp

When using FMwhatsapp, you can use both accounts on the same device. And FMwhatsapp itself also can sync across different devices, to keep the chat smooth and seamless.

For the interface of FMwhatsapp, because it is similar to WhatsApp MOD APK, you hardly spend any time learning and getting used to it. Download, start it up, register an account, and use it right away.

FMwhatsapp is also regularly updated. Whenever you come back to use it, you will always see something new, maybe small, maybe big. And this shows the developer’s long-term and decent commitment. Along with it is a commitment to confidentiality, personalizing information from the moment you open the application to register. All these things can make FMwhatsapp one of the best mobile applications.

Author's comment: Thank you very much.

One thing I like about FMwhatsapp is its powerful image-sending capabilities. Images sent via FMwhatsapp have almost no loss of quality. The recipient can receive the same image as the original image on your device. This is also something that WhatsApp currently does not do well.

During use, you can optionally change the background image and the layout of the message lines. This feature is familiar to users of online messaging applications, but in FMwhatsapp, it is shown quite quickly, smoothly, and beautifully. Moreover, it comes with a beautiful, sophisticated, and minimalist interface.

FMwhatsapp is also very concerned about security for users. It offers the feature of pinning private chats, there is an extra built-in lock that adds an extra layer of security, and an app lock to secure chats/private data. These all aim at helping users protect their information at the highest level. This is a possibility that many people are interested in when choosing to side with an online chat application.

Download the APK of FMwhatsapp for Android.

FMwhatsapp is of course not the only option for you now. And currently this application still needs to be developed further to be perfect. But in the short term with the above advantages, you can consider installing FMwhatsapp to try.