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Join the millions of people playing Coin Dozer, the original coin pusher game! Master the mania of this free and addictive coin dropping game. Relax, push coins and collect free prizes!
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Coin Dozer MOD APK is a casino genre coin pusher app. This game is intended for players who enjoy gambling. There is no reason to throw away your money. The game is based on the concept of a slot machine. This item will have the appearance of a slot machine. After tossing a coin, the user will be able to win a prize. The game includes various incentives, giving it an arcade feel. As a bonus, auxiliary functions such as wall construction are available. They will help to ensure that the coins do not disappear. Because management has been simplified, every user will be able to grasp everything quickly.

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Coin Dozer is a straightforward game. Your task is straightforward. All you have to do to drop the coin is touch the screen. After that, the coin will be pushed and dropped, and the prizes will be placed on the table. This game is extremely enjoyable to play. Only the coins that fall down the chest in front of the player are edible. If the coin falls to two sides, the player is not counted. It’s also one of the game’s most appealing aspects.

Despite its simplicity, the game requires players to choose an appropriate coin drop position and exert enough force to cause the coins on the table to fall. Participants in the game must also have a certain amount of luck. It creates a sense of anticipation and delight in gamers.

Game Overview:

Coin Dozer MOD1

Have you ever played a coin dozer game in a shopping mall, at a carnival, or at a festival? Yes, of course! How did you feel after winning that game? Excitement! Right. It is now available for download on your mobile device. Of course, everyone enjoys collecting in-game gifts. In fact, this game is chock-full of exciting gifts, unlimited gold, and much more.

Coin Dozer MOD2

The coin pusher in Coin Dozer is completely realistic, and the gameplay is also simple. To begin the game, you will be given a certain amount of money. Put these coins in the machine, and it will randomly select a position for them. New coins, if released at the right time, will advance the previous coins. Continue doing this until something drops, which will be your income. With a little math, you can already guess the machine’s movements. Determine how to bring valuable gifts down as quickly as possible. You can reap many great benefits with a small amount of capital.

Coin Dozer MOD3

Coins do not always fall into the collection box directly in front of them. It will most likely fall to the sides and you will receive nothing. To avoid losing too many valuable items, this ratio must be reduced. Calculate the trajectory so that the coins can deliver the items with near-perfect precision.

Coin Dozer MOD4

Overall, despite its simple gameplay and casual graphics, Coin Dozer is highly addictive. Even if you are not a serious gamer or prefer heavy graphics, Coin Dozer Mod APK is a product worth enjoying and suitable for entertainment.

Features of Coin Dozer MOD APK:

Interesting Reward System:

Coin Dozer is much more than a coin pusher. You can take advantage of its bounty system. The process of winning gifts is difficult with 44 rewards. However, if you diligently follow the game’s requirements, you will be able to obtain it in a short period of time.

Realistic 3D Graphics:

The developer has designed this game to look as realistic as possible, giving you the impression that you are experiencing it outside of the mall. Despite its lack of outstanding graphics, the game continues to draw a large number of players. Simple graphics can sometimes capture people’s hearts. Every time they fall below, you will receive coins, gifts, teddy bears, and a plethora of other rewards. Coin Dozer’s vibrancy is increased by the real physical drop and push mechanism.

Useful Plugins:

If you’re frustrated because you haven’t yet received any coins, use the support method by shaking the table. But you won’t be doing this very often and will have to wait a while. When you shake the coin table, a lot of gold or silver coins fall out. However, be cautious because it may fall to the sides. If this is the case, you will not be rewarded.


The game does not include any background music. Instead, the sound of a coin dropping and coins falling into the live box add to the game’s appeal.

Shaking the Dozer:

Are there any coins on the verge of falling? Normally, in the arcade, you would hit or kick the coin pusher machine to cause it to shake, causing the clinging coins to fall down. You can do something similar in Coin Dozer: Sweepstakes by pressing “shaking.”

You can shake the machine by clicking the “Shake” Meter. The amount of shaking is determined by the state of the Shake Meter. There are three levels of tremor. It is preferable to aim for a fully loaded Shake Meter because it will produce the most powerful shaking effect. The Shake Meter fills up as coins fall from the machine. The meter fills regardless of which side the coins fell on.

Spin the Fortune Wheel:

If you need more coins to drop or Dozer Dollars to spend on boosters, you can try your luck by spinning the fortune wheel. You will receive one free fortune wheel spin per day. More spins can be obtained by dropping fortune wheel tokens – cyan coins with a fortune wheel icon – to the coin pusher’s front edge, watching a short advertisement or purchasing more spins from the in-game shop (with real money).

Completing Quests:

Every day, the game assigns you a new set of objectives to complete, and when you finish them all, you’ll be rewarded handsomely. To complete the quests, you must usually complete some of the game’s inherent objectives, such as collecting prizes and puzzle pieces. If a task appears to be too difficult to complete, you can bypass it immediately for three Dozer Dollars. Completing all three daily tasks will grant you access to a chest containing a variety of random rewards. Among these items are coins, awards, and even keys to treasure chests.

Unlock Treasure Chests:

When you reach Level 8, you will be able to open treasure chests, which offer better rewards than the fortune wheel and quests. You can win common or even uncommon rewards by opening these chests. Unlocking treasure chests requires a specific number of keys of various types. Keys fall on the dozer at random, so make sure it falls off the front; otherwise, the key is void and you’ll have to wait until the game drops a new one.

Take Part in Activities:

Coin Dozer has unique themed events on a regular basis where you can win a variety of fantastic prizes. These events function similarly to the daily quest system. Don’t pass up the chance to win event prizes, which can range from rare coins to prize chests. As of this writing, the game is hosting a circus-themed event in which you must collect a certain number of coins in order to gain access to the prizes.

Looking for valuable items:

In addition to the coins, it is common to see some bonuses added to the machine. These rewards are significantly more valuable than usual. To reap the greatest benefit, everyone must obtain them. You can also obtain these items while playing the game. These will be randomly arranged in the machine based on the path of the coin. Invest as many coins as possible in order for their location to be as close to you as possible. You can exchange these rewards for more coins if you win them. Teddy bears, keys, or valuable coins will make you wealthy. Nothing can escape your grasp so easily.

Activate bonus mode:

After completing the game’s objectives, you will be able to access the bonus mode. The machine contains numerous valuable items. They are sometimes more numerous than regular coins. Now you must invest heavily in it and wait for the rewards to fall into your lap. Earn a lot of coins from this mode to save for future play. You will have a lot of money if you know how to take advantage of these benefits. Never be at a loss or run out of resources again. Many different types of rewards are waiting to be unlocked. Take everything valuable for yourself.

Themed video games:

If you get tired of coin pushers, you can switch to other games. Classic games like darts and the lucky draw require your participation. Through these new forms of play, you can earn a variety of rewards. You will have to use a variety of skills in each type of game. But, most importantly, I will rely on luck to triumph. Don’t be surprised if you lose some money due to bad luck. You can play again to recoup your losses and possibly earn more. Enjoy the thrill of being in a real casino. Make a very healthy and enjoyable playing environment.

There are also different types of keys to collect in the bonus mode. These keys are used to unlock mysterious chests. It has a lot of appealing random rewards for you. You can open more boxes if you have more keys. Each box will require its own key to be opened. The larger and more valuable the reward, the rarer the box. The Coin Dozer mod will put your luck to the test.

MOD Features:

  • Unlimited money.
  • Unlimited boosters.
  • Unlimited DozerDollar

Player Reviews:

Kimberly Workman

I downloaded it to see what it was like because I enjoy this machine in arcades. I figured I’d play for a while and then get bored. I’ve reached level 60 and play for about a half-hour every day. IT’S ADDICTIVE AND ENJOYABLE. Yes, you can spend money on it if you want to, but it’s not absolutely necessary. There are tonnes of easy free things that give coins, and the coins regenerate when you aren’t playing…this game is fantastic.

Greg Black

I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m still having a great time playing and figuring out what’s going to happen next! (It’s been three years since I first wrote this review, and I’ve had to start over twice; however, I’ve gotten better.) I just got the new Easter update, and I’m spending all of my free time playing this game. I’ll be awake to watch the Easter Bunny make his rounds! I’m currently playing Coin Dozer’s updated app. And I like it even more now if that’s possible.

How to Install Coin Dozer MOD APK on Android?

  • If you have any previous app or version installed on your device, uninstall/delete it first. Then, go to settings, click on security, and click on Enable The Unknown Sources (just in case the installation doesn’t start).

Allow Unknown Sources

Now to install MOD APK on your device, simply follow the steps given below.

  1. Download Coin Dozer MOD APK from the download link given above.
  2. Wait for the download to complete, after that open it.
  3. Follow all the instructions, and you’re ready to enjoy the amazing app with extra features.

How To Install Coin Dozer MOD APK on PC?

It’s very easy to play the game on your PC. There are a lot of android emulators in the market which you can use to play this app on your PC.


  1. First of all, download the Bluestacks android emulator on your PC.
  2. Download the MOD APK from the download button given above.
  3. Open the MOD APK with your android emulator (Bluestacks), and install the app.
  4. Follow all the instructions given in the app and you’re ready to enjoy the amazing features of this app.


We have covered every detail of Coin Dozer MOD APK. Also, we are providing you with the app’s mod version. With this mod, you will have access to all of the app’s premium features for free. Get all of your gear unlocked and enjoy an amazing experience. If you require any additional help from us, face any difficulties during the installation process, or have any important questions, please provide us with detailed feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coin Dozer MOD APK:

Q1: Will I lose all progress if I uninstall the game?

If the game crashes, you should not uninstall it. If you unintentionally remove it, all game data and progress will be lost and cannot be recovered due to privacy restrictions. You should contact the game developer’s customer service. They will do their best to assist you by researching the issue.

Q2: Is Coin Dozer a gamble?

These games are aimed at adults and do not provide real money gambling or opportunities to win real money or prizes.

What's new

-Fixed an issue that caused earned event items to be reset between gameplay sessions for some players.
-Fixed a problem that caused some users to not receive in-app purchases.
-A number of other bug fixes and stability improvements.

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