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Updated On 09/20/2022 7:08 PM

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Name Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile
Publisher The Pokemon Company
Category Adventure
MOD Features No
Size 325M
Price FREE
Requires Android
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Pokemon Let's Go Mobile APK is known as the Pokemon game with the highest quality graphics in the Pokemon game series. Apart from this attraction, is there anything else attractive about Pokemon Let's Go Mobile? Let's see!

Introducing Pokemon Let's Go Mobile.

Let's experience something you've never seen before in Pokemon games!

Pokemon Let's Go Mobile and it's warm like the Sahara

Since the release of the first unofficial version of the trailer, it has generated a wave of intense public opinion with a lot of information from leaders and fans. This was partly because the visuals shown in those trailers were so impressive. Fast and elegant, Mewtwo looks like he stepped out of the frame and swung his shadow ball in the air. The turtle hero Blastoise is equipped with a huge cannon on his back to shoot like a god and has tons of amazing action scenes you've never seen in any other Pokemon series.

One factor that elevates Pokemon Let's Go Mobile is the epic and transcendent Pokemon team mentioned above. They are no longer the cute and gentle Pokémon in Pokemon Trainer Legends, but they have undergone a real transformation. Now they are smarter, faster, more self-controlled, and much more enduring. You can try other Pokemon games like Pokémon Masters EX  and other GBA Gameboy ROM Free from Apkways.com.

Now, if you sit and talk about her beauty, all the advantages of this Pokemon Let's Go Mobile mobile game cannot be listed. Even though this is a mobile version, it cannot be said that this is a compact and simple game. It keeps up the classic tale of the existence of Pokémon in foreign sacred lands, the endless adventures of talented young Pokémon trainers, and the destruction of an intense Rocket Team. But Pokemon Let's Go Mobile will make you feel lost in your world. There are hundreds of types of Pokemon in this game. While this number may seem rather modest compared to some past Pokémon games, it makes a huge difference in quality. Each species is unique with its own history, its own irresistible personality, raised several notches above what you've ever known.


Going on an adventure in this game will not make you passive at all. You are fully active in the process of capturing Pokémon, simply by launching the desired Poké Ball at the Pokémon you want to team up with. And the one you don't want to catch will just run into him by chance because you are no longer forced to talk to him like in other versions.

However, the classic plot development is still largely intact. You will still be excited when you meet old familiar things and will be glad to know some small details in every little thing.

The control operation is also very flexible, showing both the strategy and the player's level, as he must constantly level up his Pokémon team.

The Pokemon matches themselves are even more exciting because there are so many amazing variations like Mega Pokemon. The levels of each type of Pokemon are more advanced, so the battles are sometimes a little tense, and not as easy as before.

In addition, Pokemon Let's Go Mobile has a unique way to level up and earn many rare rewards. You will have many situations in which you can train your Pokémon to become stronger, get more opportunities to fight, and face familiar dark forces. Then every time you level up or encounter old story situations, the excitement rises up a notch, as if the journey of Pokémon adventure drags on forever.

Amazing graphics and sound

Landscapes, the surrounding space is a truly rich natural world. A lot of details, arrays of colors, and layers of decorations located above and below create a beautiful and attractive 3D space. I didn't mention the large-scale multiview architecture in the later scenes. There will be times when you look at your phone screen and don't believe it's a mobile game. What's even crazier is that no two scenes are the same. They are rich, from the top to the sea, to the forest, and you will find almost no similarities between contexts. They are the real world.

The sound remains the same, but a lot of cool sound effects have been added, especially in high-level Pokémon battles. You will notice that this version is an ambitious bottle of wine that took the developer years to develop. It's great in terms of looks, development, and small and big gameplay changes.

Download Pokemon Let's Go Mobile APK for Android.

Pokemon Let's Go Mobile is not only a mobile version of Pokemon but also a lot of exciting new game features with great graphics and sound. A must-try for Pokemon lovers.