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Sniper Shot 3D Mod APK + MOD (All Weapons Unlocked) v1.5.3

Updated On 09/13/2022 10:56 AM

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Name Sniper Shot 3D Mod
Package Name com.yx.sniperkiller
Publisher Mouse Games
Category Action
MOD Features All Weapons Unlocked
Version 1.5.3
Size 77M
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.1
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Sniper Shot 3D MOD APK-Unlimited Money

Have you ever wanted to transform into a sniper to experience the feeling of chasing, hunting, and destroying enemies hundreds of miles away? If yes then try Sniper Shot 3D MOD APK, a well-nested game with many exciting levels.

Introducing Sniper Shot 3D Mod Apk.

Attractive first-person sniper game

Sniper Shoot 3D, is stealthy but very fun.

In the shooting genre, I consider sniping to be the most difficult. You must be in a good position and be able to observe, aim well and shoot quickly when the opportunity presents itself. But even with such high demands, sniper games always bring an unmistakable sense of excitement.

A little about snipers. This is an important skill in the military, especially in special forces. Snipers must hide carefully, sneak up so that the enemy cannot detect them, shoot patiently and wait for an opportunity. When that moment arrives, you must quickly switch from cover to "spawn", at the right time, in the right position, aiming correctly and pulling the trigger, taking out the enemy from afar.

The main function of snipers is usually to support teammates and take out enemies in large areas, with little cover or very limited numbers on our side compared to the enemy.

It is precise because of the absolute sensationalism of this skill, from its expression to the act of "action", that there are many companies that are not afraid to invest heavily in a game that specializes in snipers. I recently played a game called Sniper Shot 3D and am quite happy with it. So I recommend you play along if you have the same taste as me. If you are a 3D shooting game lover, You can try Sniper 3D.

Sniper Shot 3D, a unique first-person sniper game

Sniper Shot 3D is specially made for mobile platforms, it is one of the FPS sniper games with high-quality graphics, and the sharpest, brightest, and most realistic images in the games of its genre ever played. The highlight of Sniper Shot 3D is probably the special slow-motion scenes. Whenever you decide to pull the trigger, the bullets will fly and pass through the body of the enemy, you will see the game slow down so that players can see the trajectory of their last bullets and how the enemy is covered in blood. painfully.

The sound is also amazing. You can hear the radio play a mission announcement when a target appears and when the mission is completed. You can hear fast-paced background music that indicates intense excitement and heartbeats. On a noisy street, many chaotic sounds were heard, and loud shots were heard. There's no intense battlefield here, but hiding, showing up at the right time, and reaching out to pull the trigger is a really fun experience.


By playing Sniper Shot 3D you will become a professional sniper. You have over 100 missions assigned to you. They are very diverse: from the destruction of terrorists, from the persecution of domestic militants to the destruction of the army of illegal spies ... Your task is to determine the desired target, detailing the instructions according to the picture of the phone or walkie-talkie.

Not just shooting, everything needs to be carefully and scrupulously prepared.

The enemy is sometimes miles away, you just need to hide carefully while aiming from a distance to find the right target. Sometimes in a group of people, there are only 1-2 items that need to be destroyed, others do not need to be taken care of, so you have to carefully look at the picture or listen to the description to hit the right person. Will be. Shooting position is also a very important part. Each gun will have its own aiming system. The higher the level, the more perfect the sniper weapon, and the more accurate and faster the ability to support the target. There are 15 types of weapons in total: from pistols, rifles, and shotguns to silencers and machine guns... each with its own appearance and characteristics. Pistols look great in close-ups in Sniper Shot 3D because they are very realistic, especially when the stock bounces when the trigger is pulled.

Obviously, you're not doing battlefields or shootouts, but remote assassination missions. You will have a time limit, constant obstacles depending on the density of people walking on the road, and the movement speed of the target enemy. At higher levels, they can also hide behind an obstacle such as a lamppost, a taxi in the street to spot and shoot you, or in some cases, they can move incredibly fast.


You and your sniper will roam every corner of the city, finding targets for each mission, from busy streets to luxurious skyscrapers streets. The higher the level, the faster, stronger, and more cunning the enemies are, but also the context and conditions themselves are more harmful, such as crowded places, a lot of transport, a lot of noise that interferes with concentration, Many objects move in opposite directions, interfering with the view.

Controls in Sniper Shot 3D are not difficult. Moving left and right with the navigation buttons, zooming in and out of the viewfinder, locking on to a target, and then shooting with screen taps and finger movements is still a chore. But the strategy is still very complex. Because in each mission you will need to be flexible, using different methods to deal with all potentially dangerous situations. And always keep a cool head, an iron soul, and an icy heart. Sniper is all about timing and aggression. Poor timing, handshake when pulling the trigger, lack of confidence in your ability to identify - these are the things that will quickly lose you while playing this game.

MOD APK version Sniper Shot 3D

Mod feature

All weapons are unlocked.

Download Sniper Shot 3D APK & MOD for Android

If you like FPS sniper games, you should download Sniper Shot 3D immediately, it has some exciting stuff, attractive slow motion, action-packed missions, and tense situations.