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Updated On 09/17/2022 10:55 AM

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Name Pixel Starships
Package Name com.savysoda.pixelstarships
Publisher Savy Soda
Category Strategy
MOD Features No
Version 0.989.2
Size 96M
Price FREE
Requires Android 6.0
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Tactical is an 8-bit spaceship-themed graphic game recommended by many users. Pixel Starships is a spaceship micromanagement game based in an 8bit massive online universe. In Pixel Starships, you command every aspect of your ship from construction to battles in a single persistent world. And this is how you feel after playing Pixel Starships APK for a day.

Key Features of Pixel Starships App -

  •  Build Epic Starships of your own design.
  •  Many races, aliens, and factions to command and conquer.
  •  Battle it out with other real players in a single massive online universe.
  •  Manage diplomacy, recruitment, research, and exploration!
  •  Control ship's power and limited resources. Discover epic weapons.
  •  Build and deploy support crafts to augment your Starship.
  •  Cross section full ship control and battles.
  •  Create the best strategy using crew tactics.
  •  Explore planets, and discover secrets of space.
  •  Form alliances and battle with your friends to achieve victory!
  •  Program situational AI commands to systems and crew allowing automatic combats and offline play.

Introducing Pixel Starships

In Pixel Starships, you build your spaceship, upgrade yourself, have fun, fight, and even travel the galaxy on your own, all of which are hands-on activities, so it's pretty fun.

A game for players who like to test their patience

In Pixel Starships, you build a spaceship to your liking, then equip it with the most advanced weapons in the galaxy to fly and explore every corner of the universe. As a builder, you will collect supplies, build, develop, occupy the necessary places, and then continue to improve and progress. This process continues until you are satisfied with your results, which can be considered a temporary ending.

Some Pixel Starships™ players get bored playing for a long time. I think that in any game if you play it for too long, you can get bored. The important thing is that you must find the right taste, inspiration, and interests in the game you are playing that you never get bored of. Pixel Starships™ can give you just that. In addition, almost everything in Pixel Starships is created from scratch. Therefore, you must be brave enough to overcome a lot in order to win it. The first quality you have that has to do with sports is patience.


There is an introduction giving some information about the game. After reading the description of the publisher, I immediately started playing. There is not much to say about the plot of the game. It's just an excuse to get into the game. If you don't like it, you can skip it because there is no hidden information.

Then join the game. You can name your spaceship. Use a catchy title to encourage him to increase his size.

Depending on the type of spaceship, you will have different careers. I was told that there is no logic here, so do not expect anything from your career. For example, you can own an intergalactic bandit spaceship, a Space Federation scavenger, or an explorer spaceship. Of course, there are 3 types of ships, so there are only 3 professions. It's a bit poor. But let's ignore that, as the main focus of the game is not on this stage.

To build a spaceship from an affordable frame, you have to manage everything, including manpower, mechanics, and weapons. In particular, you recruit staff; upgrade special parts; Upgrade your vehicles, guns, launchers, and defense systems... and don't forget that a key element of any building process is the collection of minerals in the universe.

game type

Pixel Starships now includes PvP. PvE and daily missions. But the highlight is probably the 1v1 PvP. Combat mechanics in this mode, in my opinion, are at a basic level. And it takes only 30% of the player's time and minds. The remaining 70% are still under construction and modernization. At a certain point, when you have the necessary firepower, you will officially enter the battle against the spaceships of other players.

There are two stats to keep in mind throughout the journey, whether in the construction phase or the combat phase. First, it is a state of power. The second is the energy state. In terms of power, depending on the improvement of cars and weapons, you will have a certain position in battle. If you diligently collect, you will find, do not worry. The decisive factor in victory or defeat in war is the state of energy. A higher energy level means the spacecraft is stronger. Before entering combat, you must set up the appropriate amount of energy you want to use. Then use the available weapons to attack enemy ships in combination with defensive techniques.

Using this weapon for a short period of time drains energy. Then it's your opponent's turn to attack you. It's like turn-based combat in RPGs. But the rules here are strict. If you choose the wrong energy level and aim incorrectly at the enemy's weak points, it will be considered a waste of time, just be prepared to wait for the attack. Each of these PvP battles will take place over the course of approximately 5 minutes.

The story of battles and defeats in Pixel Starships is neither too surprising nor too poetic. But it's also a flavor that needs to be added to this type of game. If the game is only focused on building with no specific goal, it will be boring.

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The 8-bit game is focused on building, but it combines PvP or PvE combat with a little bit of arcade in the content collection and non-stop spaceship-building phases. The gameplay is also quite addicting and combines many genres. Such a wonderful experience to try that not many places can offer during this difficult time of the covid pandemic!