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Updated On 09/13/2022 11:39 AM

App Info

Name Higgs Domino Mod
Package Name com.neptune.domino
Publisher Higgs Games
Category Board
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Version 1.84
Size 81M
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4 Network required
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What better time than dreaming? Play casino on your phone anytime after a hard day at work from home. why not? Let's fulfill your dream of becoming a tycoon with Higgs Domino MOD APK guys!

Imagine the Higgs Domino

Have fun at the casino on your mobile phone!

Play dominoes, seahorses, and poker on your mobile phone, why not?

The casino should be familiar to everyone. But this is a rare model, and in some countries, it is subject to strict regulations. Not everyone who wants to go to a casino can enter it, and not everyone who enters it once will have a chance to return. Not to mention, luxury casino models like the ones we see in movies are not that popular. In short, "go to the casino" is still an odd phrase that many find hard to match.

Instead of visiting fancy casinos to have fun and get rich, now you can experience it at home. If one day you suddenly want to play these games with stakes, which you think depends a lot on the god of luck, but in fact, pearls of real wisdom are needed. Or you are just sad and want to kill time without a heavy head. Higgs Domino is here for you.

The characteristic of these games is: that "Simplicity is everything."

Higgs Domino is a mobile domino simulation game. This game gives you the pleasure of participating in a real domino game and stimulates your brain activity, thereby training your thinking and memory. And it's not just a domino game, Higgs Domino is also a collection of fun games, from folk to modern, that any experienced player can come across like Domino Grapple, Domino QQ, and some poker games like Rummy, Hoo... you can try. And try your luck.

Higgs Domino respects traditional gameplay and the unchanging rules of every game of chance. It's a way for the creator of the game to connect with everyone. Wherever you are, you still play dominoes the same way, no matter what. You know, something classic and simple is always valuable.

Higgs Domino Island has four rules for traditional domino gameplay:

  1. Each game consists of 28 cards.
  2. Dominoes can be played by 2 to 4 people.
  3. In each game, each player will have 7 cards.
  4. Each player can only move 1 card per turn, the rest must stand. Through these four principles, you can realize your full potential. Whoever finishes the cards first is the winner.

The attraction is also in the interface

The game has an attractive and cool interface. It's good that you can choose a beautiful and fiery girl to accompany you. She will deal cards or watch the game. The colors of Higgs Domino are minimalistic yet attractive in a modern way. The sound is also good, it always charges the players with positive. Your experience with this game can be as fun, relaxing, and addictive as playing dominoes in real life.

You can somehow relive your childhood in this game. Who has never played cards, played dominoes on a camping trip, or played poker with friends as a child? Memories of a carefree, innocent time can come flooding back when you start playing this game...

Compete and stay at the top of the rankings

As I said, besides dominoes, Higgs Domino also has other gambling games such as Seahorses, Poker… Each game and its level is designed with a different interface that brings different emotional nuances. In addition to the regular competition, players can appear on the leaderboard to compare their ranking with other players around the world.

Generous card game

Another good feature of Higgs Domino is its generosity towards players. You initially enter the game with a lot of coins. With this amount available, if you wish, you can move up from zero without waiting for the next rounds. During the game, you can also send many expressions to your opponent as well as various gifts such as kisses, flowers...

MOD APK version of Higgs Domino

Mod feature

Unlimited Money


Soon. We will update you as soon as possible.

Download Higgs Domino MOD APK for Android

Higgs Domino is such a fresh breath of fun. Gambling this game, betting, and fighting at the casino table can also be a good way to spend all your free time without going out. We tried it, Moded, and found it to be quite fun and you guys should try it too. Worth a try!