Sniper Attack 3D

Sniper Attack 3D APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.0.13

Updated On 09/13/2022 11:29 AM

App Info

Name Sniper Attack 3D
Package Name com.matchingham.sniperattack
Publisher Matchingham Games
Category Action
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Version 1.0.13
Size 126M
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0

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Sniper Attack 3 MOD APK is a sniper game from Machingham Games, this game is very suitable for players who love battlefields that hide many unexpected elements.

Introducing Sniper Attack 3D.

If you are looking for war games and free shooting games, then you should immediately download Sniper Attack 3D on your phone, this game is for you!


One of the biggest barriers between players and shooters is usually that they are pretty literal. If with a plot, then it can be longer. If you are still trying to find a simple sniper game with many interesting challenging levels and great graphics, then you just need Sniper Attack 3D.

I rate Sniper Attack 3D as one of the best shooting games. It's very simple, fun, and easy to play. You can demonstrate your accuracy and not be distracted by anything around you by playing this game.

Your mission is very extensive: each level is a separate battlefield, and you need to destroy enemy targets with sniper skills to complete the level.

The most interesting thing about this game is that everything happens very quickly. Each level is a separate scene and a sniper mission. You may find yourself in a hostage situation in front of a bank where you are threatened by robbers. Or you might be tasked with taking over an enemy military base, sometimes stopping a small unit of the enemy army attempting to penetrate deep into a restricted area.

Become the best sniper in the world!

Usually, the snipers you see in the movies are always on some sort of special team, like SWAT. In each sniper is fully trained in all of the above skills and resists the steel spirit. Now suppose you are one of them, what will you do when you have to defend yourself in front of innocent people? Crawling on the ground, running down the street, looking 360 degrees to find the target, holding your breath and waiting, even hair can distract attention, aim correctly, lock on the target, then the SARS will have to reload. Use all your abilities to try and save them. Sniper Attack 3D will allow you to use all these skills while playing.

You can try Sniper Shot 3D with the Mod version. 

Difficulty at later levels

The target in Sniper Attack 3D is highlighted in red and you need to shoot it to destroy it. But sometimes you need to shoot him multiple times to kill him. Because it can be people or vehicles, ammunition depots, fuel trucks, helicopters... the sniper rifle you have will have to work hard to hit the target.

Every time you complete a level, your sniper will rank up and get a new weapon. However, as you advance, the targets will become mobile and it will be difficult for you to aim. At first, they can wait until you shoot, then they will move at a constant speed. They are then equipped with armor, and a helmet, making it harder for you to get hurt. Moreover, they will be smart enough to hunt you down and shoot you wherever you hide. The more difficult the level of the game, the more you will have to develop your sniper skills and act quickly before the enemy detects you.

Fortunately, with a high level of difficulty, there will always be traps on the battlefield, and special settings, if you use them, you can save a lot of time and effort to hit the target. For example, a large gas tank will destroy a dozen enemies at once. By intelligently identifying these mistakes, you will pass the level faster and improve yourself to play new levels.

MOD APK version Sniper Attack 3D

Mod feature

Unlimited Money

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Excellent 3D graphics, clear and well-coordinated with a first-person view, the shooting mechanism is simple and concise, and there are many interesting missions. Sniper Attack 3D is by far the best sniper game that every player should play.