Grand Theft Auto III: The best GTA game

Grand Theft Auto III: The best GTA game APK GTA 3 for Android v1.8

Updated On 08/26/2022 7:49 PM

App Info

Name Grand Theft Auto III
Package Name com.rockstar.gta3
Publisher Rockstar Games
Category Action , RPG
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Version 1.8
Size 1G
Price FREE $4.99
Requires Android 7.0
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Grand Theft Auto III (Mod: a lot of money)
is a third-person role-playing game developed by DMA Design and published by Rockstar Games.


After a bank robbery, Claude is betrayed by his partner and his girlfriend Catalina.

En route to the federal prison, the convoy ambushes Claude and other inmates.


Basically, the gameplay of Grand Theft Auto III is a combination of elements of action, role-playing, shooting, and adventure. Starting with empty hands, you will receive the duties of the tycoons and start your criminal career. You can participate in tasks such as selling drugs, exchanging hostages, looking for people with power, or even killing other gangs.

Through missions, you will go through a long story between criminal gangs.

In the open world of the game, you can go anywhere and do whatever you want.

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Intuitive control system

The control system of Grand Theft Auto III is very intuitive and easy to use. Game keyboard support gamepad has been optimized for Android devices, so you can manipulate it easily and conveniently.

While driving, the game allows you to change the point of view in the third view or in the cabin.


The world of Grand Theft Auto III is engulfed in bloody battles between gangs, so weapons are extremely important. Three main types of weapons can be used including guns, melee weapons, and explosives. There are many types of weapons to choose from such as Micro Uzi, rifles, M16, sniper rifles or even flamethrowers. You can collect weapons through local shops, on the street, or from dead enemies.

3D graphics

Grand Theft Auto III High-quality game with very realistic 3D graphics.

By playing this game, you will be able to travel and explore the vast and beautiful city of Liberty.


In previous versions, Grand Theft Auto III was an excellent game in both graphics, gameplay, and storyline. Join the battle between gangs and experience the life of an authentic criminal. The content of the game contains elements of violence, drugs, and many other things, so GTA 3 requires you to be 18 years old to play.